7 Motivations-Tricks für Ihren Erfolg (German Edition)

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Enjoy the idyll while staying in one of the numerous castles and manor houses. Landscape parks and palace gardens invite you to take a walk that seems like a journey through time in the different eras. Walk in the footsteps of history and spend a relaxing holiday in Mecklenburg Switzerland. The white sandy beaches of the seaside resorts are an attraction especially in the summer months, the coastal forests change their face in the changing seasons and along the cliffs there is always a good sea view.

Already in , Grand Duke Friedrich Franz I and his personal physician recognized that bathing in the Baltic Sea had a healing effect on health. If you want to relax body and mind, we recommend a walk or cycle tour along the Baltic Sea. Whether canoeing, cycling or walking, you are perfectly equipped with binoculars for animal observation. Guided tours with national park rangers, information centres and many viewpoints offer a unique view of the protected and rare flora and fauna. The narrow headland between the Baltic Sea and Bodden is enchanting with its pristine beaches and wind-drawn forests.

In spring and autumn, the National Park Vorpommersche Boddenland transforms into a true natural setting: thousands of cranes rest in the protected riverbank zones. The majestic flight, the graceful dance and the trumpeting calls have been particularly appealing to ornithologists and photographers.

The environmental photo festival "horizonte zingst" is the annual meeting place of the scene with exhibitions and workshops. The Hanseatic City of Greifswald and its picturesque landscapes once inspired romantics to create masterpieces of art. For nature lovers, the pristine Peene is a source of new energy and a place for relaxation. The discovery and observation of rare animal and plant species make a canoe trip on the Peene an unforgettable experience.

The Hanseatic Cities of Stralsund and Greifswald offer a historical delight. The red brick facades, historical lanes and museums in the old towns still bear witness to the maritime history of the Hanseatic League. Fine sandy beaches, sophisticated seaside resorts, romantic fishing villages and protected nature - pure diversity on Germany's largest island and its sister island.


In the Jasmund National Park, the white chalk cliffs rise majestically off the coast of the Baltic Sea and are crowned by a ancient beech forest. After an eventful day, wellness hotels in the seaside resorts invite you with regional remedies to a relaxing break. On the coast of Usedom Island, the seaside resorts are lined up like a string of pearls and adorn themselves with brilliant white spa architecture.

The island side facing the mainland welcomes its visitors in a true natural paradise.

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Between so so called "Achterwasser", the river Peenestrom and the bay Stettiner Haff there are small islands, hidden bays and idyllic lagoons - a landscape to relax and enjoy. Berliner Emnid-Colloquium am Arbeitsbuch zur Literaturwissenschaft Bd. Den indre utvikling gjennom Ibsens damatikk.

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