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With ambient lighting, the atmosphere of the exhibit elegantly adds to the theme of fairytales and myths.

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Clips of fairytale films directed by Lotte Reininger and Charles Bryant are included in the exhibit and provide a contemporary outlook on the subject of fantasy storytelling. However, the oddly-placed television near the entrance to a separate room has viewers crowding into the small area to catch a glimpse of the video.

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July 10, Latest in la vista. About Kaelie Macaulay 6 Articles. In her previous year on the paper, she was an arts editor, and created pages, edited stories, and wrote for the arts section of the paper.

In her free time, Kaelie enjoys watching movies with her friends and going on hikes with her dogs. Some of the works are so famous as to be household names in the Chinese diaspora, while other, lesser-known creations do not disappoint.

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Other episodes depict run-ins with corrupt authorities and unjust rulers, in which the protagonist must pull through with only strong righteous faith in the principle that good begets fortune and that the wicked are inevitably, if not immediately, brought to justice. In the volume are eight full-color illustrations by Hong Kong artist Victo Ngai, whose delicate lines and otherwise concise figures are accentuated by her powerful use of color and contrast—the result is a welcome sense of dreamlike, otherworldly fascination.

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Contrasting abruptly with the visions encountered in the legends and fables is the preface, written by award-winning writer Yiyun Li. What results is a clash of two identities: one Marxist, empirical, official; the other Chinese, cyclical, traditional.

This Chineseness presents itself in a world of variety; the thoughts and feelings of young and old, male and female, secular and mystical, are laid out in the context of universal human experiences—adversity, elation, fear, passion—all of which are ultimately emotional tests on the road to spiritual perfection. More often than not, mystical powers feature as the teaching aids of Taoist sages rather than simple instruments for the defeat of evil or material gain.

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In one story, we follow a man who enters a Taoist monastery in hopes of acquiring supernatural ability.