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This helped his reputation as one of the greatest elegiac and lyric poets of his time. She died at the age of 19, in This was only shortly after her marriage. She drowned in the Seine at Villequier. Her heavy skirts pulled her down, when a boat overturned.

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Her husband died as he tried to save her. At the time; Victor Hugo was travelling with his mistress in the south of France. I will see that instant until I die, that instant—too much for tears! I don't have her any more! After this, he wrote many poems about his daughter's life and death. In this poem, he describes visiting her grave. Many things Chateaubriand did, Hugo copied. First, he defended the cause of Romanticism.

Then, he became involved in politics and supported Republicanism. Finally, he was forced into exile because of his political views. Hugo's passion and eloquence in his early work made him successful and famous at an early age. At the time, Hugo was only twenty years old. His poems were admired but it was his next collection, four years later in Odes et Ballades which revealed Hugo to be a great poet. Victor Hugo's first mature work of fiction appeared in It reflected his interest for society which appeared more often in his later work.

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Claude Gueux appeared in It is a documentary short story about a real-life murderer who had been executed in France. It was quickly translated into other languages across Europe. One of the effects of the novel was to make the inhabitants of Paris restore the neglected Cathedral of Notre Dame , which was attracting thousands of tourists who had read the popular novel.

The book also inspired a renewed appreciation for pre-renaissance buildings, which began to be actively preserved. The author was acutely aware of the quality of the novel and publication of the work went to the highest bidder. The Belgian publishing house Lacroix and Verboeckhoven undertook a marketing campaign unusual for the time, issuing press releases about the work a full six months before the launch.

Installments of the book sold out within hours, and had enormous impact on French society. The critical establishment was generally hostile to the novel; Taine found it insincere, Barbey d'Aurevilly complained of its vulgarity, Flaubert found within it "neither truth nor greatness," the Goncourts lambasted its artificiality, and Baudelaire - despite giving favorable reviews in newspapers - castigated it in private as "tasteless and inept. Today the novel remains his most enduringly popular work. It is popular worldwide, has been adapted for cinema, television and stage shows.

He telegraphed the single-character message '?

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Hugo turned away from social or political issues in his next novel, Les Travailleurs de la Mer Toilers of the Sea , published in From squid dishes and exhibitions, to squid hats and parties, Parisians became fascinated by these unusual sea creatures. Hugo returned to political and social issues in his next novel, L'Homme Qui Rit The Man Who Laughs , which was published in and painted a critical picture of the aristocracy.

His last novel, Quatre-vingt-treize Ninety-Three , published in , was about a subject that Hugo had previously avoided: the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. A group of French scholars, particularly Etienne de Jouy , were fighting against the "romantic evolution" and had managed to delay Victor Hugo's election. He was raised to the peerage by King Louis-Philippe in and entered the Higher Chamber as a pair de France , where he spoke against the death penalty and social injustice, and in favour of freedom of the press and self-government for Poland.

However, he was also becoming more supportive of the Republican form of government and, following the Revolution and the formation of the Second Republic , was elected to the Constitutional Assembly and the Legislative Assembly. When Louis Napoleon Napoleon III grabbed complete power in , establishing an anti- parliamentary constitution , Hugo openly declared him a traitor to France. He relocated to Brussels , then Jersey , and finally settled with his family on the channel island of Guernsey at Hauteville House , where he would live in exile until The pamphlets were banned in France, but nonetheless had a strong impact there.

He convinced the government of Queen Victoria to spare the lives of six Irish people convicted of terrorist activities and his influence was credited in the removal of the death penalty from the constitutions of Geneva , Portugal and Colombia. Although Napoleon III granted an amnesty to all political exiles in , Hugo declined, as it meant he would have to curtail his criticisms of the government. It was only after Napoleon III fell from power and the Third Republic was proclaimed that Hugo finally returned to his homeland in , where he was promptly elected to the National Assembly and the Senate.

He was in Paris during the siege by the Prussian army in , famously eating animals given to him by the Paris zoo. As the siege continued, and food became ever more scarce, he wrote in his diary that he was reduced to "eating the unknown". Hugo's religious views changed radically over the course of his life. In his youth, he called himself as a Catholic and professed respect for Church hierarchy and authority. From there he became a non-practicing Catholic, and increasingly expressed anti-catholic views.

He had a casual interest in Spiritualism during his exile where he participated also in seances , and in later years settled into a Rationalist Deism similar to that espoused by Voltaire. A census-taker asked Hugo in if he was a Catholic, and he replied, "No. A Freethinker ".

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However, although Hugo believed Catholic dogma to be outdated and dying, he never directly attacked the institution itself. Hugo's Rationalism can be found in poems such as Torquemada , about religious fanaticism , The Pope , anti-clerical , Religions and Religion , denying the usefulness of churches and, published posthumously, The End of Satan and God and respectively, in which he represents Christianity as a griffin and Rationalism as an angel.

Although Hugo's many talents did not include exceptional musical ability, he nevertheless had a great impact on the music world through the endless inspiration that his works provided for composers of the 19th and 20th century. Hugo himself particularly enjoyed the music of Gluck and Weber and greatly admired Beethoven , and rather unusually for his time, he also appreciated works by composers from earlier centuries such as Palestrina and Monteverdi.

Two famous musicians of the 19th century were friends of Hugo: Berlioz and Liszt. Hugo also worked with composer Louise Bertin , writing the libretto for her opera La Esmeralda which was based on the character in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. When Hugo returned to Paris in , the country hailed him as a national hero.

Despite his popularity Hugo lost his bid for reelection to the National Assembly in His faithful mistress, Juliette Drouet , died in , only two years before his own death. Despite his personal loss, Hugo remained committed to the cause of political change. On 30 January Hugo was elected to the newly created Senate.


The last phase of his political career is considered a failure. Hugo took on the role of a maverick and got little done in the Senate. In February Hugo celebrated his 79th birthday. To honor the fact that he was entering his eightieth year, one of the greatest tributes to a living writer was held. On the 27th one of the largest parades in French history was held. The paraders marched for six hours to pass Hugo as he sat in the window at his house. Hugo died on 22 May in Paris , France from an infection, aged His death generated intense national mourning. He was not only revered as a towering figure in literature, he was a statesman who shaped the Third Republic and democracy in France.

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