Leveraging People and Profit: The Hard Work of Soft Management

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They smoothly and naturally work together, as one unit. As a cow. And you have only one question to answer. Do you want your organization to work like a chart? Or a cow? This is a very serious question. Ponder it. Cows have no trouble working like cows. Nor, for that matter, does each of us, physiologically at least.

So why do we have so much trouble working together socially? Are we that confused about organizing, for example, all this obsession with charts?

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They tell us who is supposed to lead whom but not who does what, how, and with whom. Why are we so fixated on formal authority?

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Do you know why re-organizing is so popular? Shuffle people on paper and the world is transformed—on that paper at least. Imagine instead if people were shuffled around offices to make new connections? A few of the stories take a concept or two out of context to make a point, but the point is well taken. Here are a few lessons gathered from the pages of Bedtime Stories for Managers :. Successful managers are flawed—everyone is flawed—but their particular flaws are not fatal under the circumstances.

Please sleep on this bedtime story. Advertisement While mass movements can raise awareness of the need for social renewal, it is social initiatives, usually developed by small groups in local communities, that start much of the renewing. Managerial effectiveness has to be judged and not just measured. Conventional management education—namely in MBA programs—tilts heavily to the use of analysis, namely evidence, and away from experience.

And when some of these people eventually make their way into management, all too often they manage as they were taught, by favoring evidence over experience, managing by the numbers, and relying on techniques. Being born to a business genius, let alone inheriting the wealth of one, has never made anyone a business genius. Do we need more globalization on this globe? How about more worldliness in this world?

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Global implies a certain cookie-cutter conformity—everyone subscribing to the same set of beliefs, techniques, and styles. Is this any way to foster the innovation needed by so many organizations?

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I set out to be good. I meant that the best work is done by people who compete with themselves , not with anyone else. They do their best. We are in clarity. Considered as a destination, clarity can be lost or obscured the moment the landscape changes, or the environmental factors dim your view. In clarity, we can see all the factors, recognize them for what they are and what they can become, and create connections that can be relied on to establish or reestablish equilibrium and an environment for growth.

This distinction matters to us because especially in times of great change and emerging opportunities, we can easily lose our way—our focus.

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Businesses fail—people fail—due to a lack of clarity. When disruptions come it is easy to move out of clarity. When we are in clarity, we can maintain a constant flow of energy and maintain connections. Deutser identifies 12 circuit breakers that disconnect us from clarity: fear, ambivalence, clutter, labeling, doubt, impatience, boredom, conflict, overconfidence, physical depletion, inference or shallowness, and resources. Too often we miss lessons, opportunities, and shifts in thinking, because we want to quickly fill the space of not knowing.

Deutser begins by working inside -the-box. We all work within constraints or within our particular box—a box of our own making. So we start by understanding our box. When working in the box, your playing field is more defined and there is greater understanding of specifics and their possible impact on your desired outcome. There is also more empathy and connectivity in the box because there is definition. The powerful point is that the box is of your own making. You should also understand that while the sides of the box exist, they can be permeable, to let things flow in and out, and be flexible, to expand and contract when deemed necessary; but, once inside, each element serves to interact with the whole.

Operations: Do we adapt well to change? What are our metrics?

We call these “Essential Skills” for people, organizations, and economies.

Do our systems and processes ensure high-quality work? People: Do we develop our team? Do we give timely and consistent feedback? Are we highly collaborative? Organizational Identity: Who are we? Why do we exist? What motivates us? This side—your identity—is the foundations of everything you do.

It is the foundation from which you can build the space for your thinking to exist in. Environmental Factors: What external factors affect or shape who we are? What do competitors do that we would never identify with or do ourselves? This framework helps you to understand who you are, where you are going, and how you work. As individuals and organizations we all have constraints. Working within the box provides the context where innovation is likely and more importantly, implementable. When you understand the box it is easier to work and be productive within it.

The box gives intentionality to everything you do. Being whole in this respect denotes a sense of closure that comes after all the parts fit together.

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Striving to be in clarity is about the process of becoming whole, of intentionally incorporating all the important aspects of your business into one connected form that accounts for the outside world as well. It is the magic of your own ability to control [the construction of your box] that both protects and nourishes and becomes that which withstands and even thrives in chaos, change, and uncertainty. If you think of the sides of that box as being permeable rather than fixed, it frees the flow of input information in and the release of old ways and toxic byproducts out and away from your core.

High levels of stress and testosterone inhibit the release of oxytocin. Men have five to ten times more testosterone than women. Hot new romantic partner? Large bonus? It also increases libido. No surprise that CEOs, presidents, and movie stars have affairs. Neuroscience has affirmed eight factors that are the building blocks of organizational trust.

Ovation should be unexpected, tangible, and personal. It should also be close in time no more than a week , consistent, and done publically. Challenging stress is good for you. Regular feedback on performance builds neural pathways in the brain that adapt behavior to meet goals.

Yield means leaders must let go. Empower people to share their expertise and allow them to choose how to do projects. Instigate innovation by encouraging mistakes with limited downside and reward employees who make them. Train extensively and delegate generously. Transfer supports autonomy. Enables self-management by permitting colleagues to craft their own jobs. Facilitate self-mastery and skill development. Advise between teams without dictating.

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For transfer or self-management to be effective, Ovation, eXpectation, and Yield must be present in the organization. Openness involves keeping others informed.

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Sharing information broadly with colleagues and additionally, soliciting input and valuing the input of others.