Sexual Violence in Western Thought and Writing: Chaste Rape

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Through it all, Vitanza seeks a movement from negative possibilities and probabilities to denegated incompossibilities counter-factual, co-extensive possibilities. In Vitanza's recent work, he challenges Leibniz's foundational example of using Sextus's rape of Lucretia to ground a conception of "the best of all possible worlds". Extending Deleuze's re-reading of Leibniz in The Fold and Agamben's sense of "decreation", Vitanza seeks after all the denegated incompossibilities that result when "what happened and what did not happen are returned to their originary unity" Agamben's Potentialities Vitanza's long-term project, according to a description on his website, is entitled Design as Dasein , and it "will examine how philosophical and architectural attitudes are represented under the signs of negativity and death".

Sexual Violence in Western Thought and Writing: Chaste Rape

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In the 15th century, the father or husband of a raped woman pressed criminal charges because the legal definition of rape in England had narrowed to apply to the theft of a woman's virtue, either a daughter's virginity or a married woman's honour. British judge Lord Matthew Hale said in the late s that rape was "an accusation easily to be made and hard to be proved and harder to be defended by the party accused, tho never so innocent", words still quoted today in the courtroom and out of it. By the s, feminist reformers were campaigning to change laws, minds and culture not only regarding sexual violence but also race — in American culture, rape was considered a crime committed against a chaste white woman, particularly by a black male stranger.

Around that same time, female slaves could not refuse sex with their masters, wives had to acquiesce to their husbands, and jurors debated whether a prostitute could be raped. If a woman was known to have previously consented to sex it was usually assumed she would consent every subsequent time.

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This meant the prosecution of rape was near impossible, unless the woman was white, virginal, unmarried to her rapist and middle class. The first major victory for the reformists was when non-consensual sex with acquaintances and husbands was redefined as rape: feminists campaigned for recognition that white assailants, who were neither strangers nor violent to their victims, should be prosecuted. They argued that stereotyping rapists as black "savages" was harmful to African American men and victims of sex crimes.

The Problem of Sexual Assault on Campus - The Backstory - The New Yorker

The Chicago Defender noted in "It is next to impossible for a woman of good appearance to walk in the street unescorted after 7 o'clock without being repeatedly subjected to the insults and indecent assaults of white men. In the UK and US prior to the age of consent to sexual activity was 10, but was increased to 13 following a feminist campaign against the prostitution of minors.

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In , the British journalist William Stead bought a year-old virgin from a pimp. Following mass protests, Parliament further increased the age of consent to 16 years that same year. Not everyone agreed with the reforms.

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  • By the s, attitudes shifted from the patronising and paternalistic to blame and culpability of the victims. Men in positions of authority expressed concerns about false accusations of rape by children and adult women and judges began to behave punitively to those making complaints. Women and girls were sexualised and deemed responsible for rape. The American Journal of Urology and Sexology in and ran articles warning lawyers to "the great danger that men are often in from false accusations by female children and women".

    The final chapter of the book explores the contemporary anti-rape movement.