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It provides litre buckets of milk which she turns into ice cream. The process of making her ice cream takes three days, starting with making a base.

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Sixty litres are made at a time - a chocolate base and a white base - and once made it is rested in the fridge for eight hours. Tabor chose not to use eggs, as she did not like the mouth feel, instead using guar gum as the stabiliser. It is a natural product which binds ingredients together.

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The base then has its flavours added - peanut butter, salted caramel, plums, hazelnuts, the list goes on - and then spun in 5-litre batches before being put into containers and frozen for 12 hours at minus18degC. It's such a flexible product and you can showcase great Otago product.

These days, as demand for her ice cream grows, she has moved to a space with the larger freezer and storage space she needs for more ingredients and containers. I just couldn't store enough. I just couldn't keep up. It wasn't very efficient. Her flavours are often quirky and experimental - a recent try with Whitestone blue cheese and pear proved popular, as has her olive oil flavour. Her first outing was during the Ed Sheeran concerts in Dunedin and at that stage she had never scooped her ice cream. It's such a tiny space to work in after you've come from a restaurant.

Especially when she was also making American-style burgers - one night at a food market she sold burgers - and waffle cones, although to keep up with demand she is having to pre-make the cones, as she needs a week.

There were concerns about whether she could make it work during winter, selling what is classically a low-spend product. Tabor applied to the Otago Farmers Market to take part in their Saturday market but was turned down twice.

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  8. It was a setback but Tabor believes it has probably made her more resilient and urged her to think outside the square. Thinking about people's reluctance to come outside during bad winter weather, she decided to offer an ice cream delivery service once a week.

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    She lets people know what flavours she has available through social media and then zooms around Dunedin on a Thursday night delivering half-litre tubs of ice cream and her waffle cones. People seem to love it. When the weather is good, her truck can be found at spots around the city but her main spot is at St Clair, where it is not unusual for people wearing puffer jackets to ward off the cold to wait 20 minutes for their turn to order. After your tooth starts to ache you will be forced to regret your past actions or lack of them. If you were eating ice cream in your sleep, it warns you about your suspicious acquaintances.

    Probably some of them will suggest you a business cooperation or friendship behind which are other intentions. At first, you will not notice this, but as time goes by, you will understand that they only speak to you when they need something. Before this happens to you, be more cautious and avoid suspicious people in your life.

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    If you were making ice cream in your dream, then this indicates that you are attentive. It may be that you will either go somewhere or that somebody will come to you for a visit, which is why you will prepare everything that this person likes. You will want to make this person comfortable and you will go great lengths to achieve this comfort. This person is someone very important to you, so everything must be perfect. If you shared ice cream with someone in your dream, it symbolizes true love.

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    You are happy when those people are there and you do not listen to people who tell you to think more about yourself and your needs. When you dropped an ice cream in your sleep, this implies that you will be nervous. You will probably have an important meeting and your future depends on this meeting. It can be a job interview, some test, etc.

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    Contact us. Ice Cream Dream is a charity with the grand ambition of sharing a little happiness. We deliver delicious, nutritious ice cream to the children who need it most. Not through books, computers or medical supplies… … but through medicine of a different kind. Millions of children never get to experience such a simple pleasure.