The Rules: A Guide to Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

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Roving patrols. Trip lines with noisemakers. Buddy system at all times.

10 Tips for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Consider noise and light discipline, because in some cases a brightly-lit window at night may as well be a neon KILL US sign. And oh yeah, every single person, no matter how old, carries a weapon, and is trained in its use. There are no pacifists in the End Times. Have a way to bolt quickly. I recommend an escape tunnel, but a zipline over a river or to a nearby highrise works too. And not just a way out: have a precedence list for what to grab first and bugout bags if you have the ability.

Embassies and military HQs have a battle drill for what to grab first, and what to destroy first, in the case of imminent overrun.

When staying for more than a few nights, prepare a more in-depth plan. Hold evac drills. Take care of them and they will take care of you. From the get-go, you should be thinking about the long game; namely, crops and livestock.

Top 10 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tips

Raid the local plant nursery and get all the vegetable and fruit seeds that you can. Raid farms or zoos for livestock to breed. See season two of The Walking Dead video game : up on top of that Home Depot, they have a very large garden and even some small livestock pens. Raid libraries and schools for medical, survival, and reference books.

That funny old book about how to make candles or soap will soon be priceless.

10 Tips for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

For that matter, any people you have with medical training need to be kept safe at all costs. Publicity photo for. Even in , disease and illness tends to cause more casualties than enemy action. Also you'll get to relive all those moments from the past movies that are worth remembering. On Publish0x you upvote authors by giving them tips in cryptocurrency - but you don't pay, we provide the tips..

Zombieland Rulebook 1 : Survival Guide for the zombie Apocalypse. Rule 20 It's a marathon , not a sprint , unless it's a sprint , then sprint. You might not get a second chance. Rule 22 When in doubt , know your way out. You don't wanna get stuck in a building after you're ambushed by zombies. Rule 31 Check the back seat.

Rule 33 Swiss Army Knife. Know how to use it. Rule 5 Travel light. Rule 1 Cardio. Happy new year, zombie fans all over the world! Right before took its final breath, I managed to watch again one of the funniest and most successful zombie movies at least when it comes to mainstream success : Zombieland.

Zombie apocalypse survival guide – rules and facts

I am sure you all remember that the main character has a set of rules in place for surviving the zombie apocalypse and I decided to list them all below for fun and safe keeping. So below you have the 33 rules of Zombieland: the fun way to survive the zombie apocalypse. Make sure you keep them in mind for when the zombie apocalypse strikes!

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Rule 1: Cardio — The faster you run, the further away you can be from a zombie. Rule 2: The Double Tap — Never assume a zombie is dead. Always make sure with a clean shot to the brain. Rule 3: Beware of Bathrooms — Zombies can be sneaky.

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Rule 4: Wear Your Seatbelt — There will already be enough to worry about, with the living dead running around. You may be blowing their brains out in the end. Rule 6: Cast Iron Skillet — Sturdy and portable, this household item makes a great zombie deterrent. Rule 7: Travel Light — Only carry the necessities. Rule 8: Get a Kickass Partner — Always good to have an experienced zombie killer on your side.

Do you really wanna touch these undead freaks with your bare skin?

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  • Rule Use Your Feet — Running, jumping, kicking away zombies. Your feet are always something you should take full advantage of.